Command Arms 30rnd Clear Action Magazine
  • Command Arms 30rnd Clear Action Magazine
  • Command Arms 30rnd Clear Action Magazine

Command Arms 30rnd Clear Action Magazine

Brand: Command Arms Command Arms
Model: CAA-MAG17
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CAA’s Clear Action Magazine. This unique magazine provides both a clear window on the side showing the number of  rounds remaining in the magazine and a full magazine indicator button on the bottom. The clear window on the magazine side allows the user to easily view the number of rounds remaining, corresponding to the numbers stamped into the body. In addition a white full magazine indicator on the bottom pops out of the magazine base, providing a tactile indicator of a fully loaded magazine during low light or night operations.  The full mag indicator can be preset to pop out at either 29 or 30 rounds by adding or removing the follower extension.

  • A clear window on the side of the magazine provides the operator with  a visual indicator of  the number of remaining rounds                                                                                                                
  • A white full mag indicator on the bottom of the magazine pops out  providing a tactile indicator during low light or night conditions
  • Polymer body reduces noise
  • High impact polymer 30 round .223 magazine
  • Non-tilting follower
  • Interior of magazine is perfectly formed to the shape of the round preventing jams and misfeeds
  • Counting system does not interfere with disassembly or reduce capacity

Not for sale in the following states:
California, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, Terra Haute and South Bend Indiana, Chicago, Cicero, Franklin Park, Aurora, Oak Park, or Cook County, IL, Denver & Vail, CO, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dublin, Shaker Heights & Toledo, OH, and other areas where prohibited. Check local laws before ordering higher capacity magazines.

Made of: Polymer
Part #: MAG17
Fits: .223/5.56 AR15/M16

Length (in.): 2.875”
Width (in.): 1.25”
Weight (empty, oz.): 5.76
Height (in.): 7.5”

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