Cross Bones Custom Handguard

Cross Bones Custom Handguard

Brand: Unique-ARs Unique-ARs
Availability: 2-3 Week Lead Time

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* Platform:

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* Handguard Finish:
Cerakote Color:

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Custom "Cross Bones" aluminum handguard for AR platforms.  Available for both AR-15 and AR-308 (LR308) platforms.  ($15 extra for .308)

** Current lead time on custom handguards is 2-3 weeks.  **

The .308 barrel nut requires the corresponding barrel nut wrench.  Don't forget to order it!

Available in 7", 9", 12" and 15"

Comes in black anodized or black cerakote depending on what's in stock. Can be cerakoted in other colors for an additional $35.00
If cerakote is desire, choose "Cerakote" from the Handguard Finish drop-down, then choose a color from the list below and type it in the Cerakote Color Box.

Zombie Green
Armor Black
Graphite Black
Light Sand
Benelli Sand
Fed Std Saber Sand
Desert Sand
Flat Dark Earth
Troy Coyote Tan
Federal Std Tan
McMillan Tan
McMillan Olive
Coyote Tan
Matte Brown
Barrett Brown
Muddy River
Nut Brown
Savage Brown
Mud Brown
Copper Brown
Medium Brown
Federal Brown
Rode Pink
Sig Pink
Bright Pink
Prison Pink
Milspace OD Green
OD Green
Magpul OD Green
MilSpec OD Green
OD Green
Magpul Foliage Green
Midnight Green
Desert Verde
Fed Std Field Drab
Foliage Green
Forest Green
Bae Green
Dark Green
ACU Green
highland Green
Tarjac Green
Combat Grey
Fed Std Grey
Sniper Grey
Smith Grey
Tactical Grey
Sig Dark Grey
Stone Grey
McMillan Grey
Battleship Grey
Gun Metal Grey
Magpul FDE
Desert Sage
Desert Gold
Socom BLue
Midnight Blue
Patriot Brown
Smith Brown
Ridgeway Blue
Blue Titanium
Satin Aluminum
Savage Stainless
Satin Mag
Bright Purple
Ral 8000
S&W Red
Red Orange
Safety Orange
School Bus Yellow
Corvette Yellow
Bright White
Hidden White
Burnt Bronze
Shimmer Gold

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